Wednesday 13 January 2010

"Two Soups" by Victoria Wood

It feels like the kind of day for a classic sketch ...


  1. I grew up with Victoria Wood, so to speak....and absolutely adored "Kitty",the snobby newsreader and the Julie Walters as the shoe shop lady!

    More recently I screamed with laughter at "dinnerladies"....which despite being slightly uneven, was gloriously observed...

    "Tony Blair...Tony Blair...don't given me Tony Blair......put up a poem up in a bus shelter and call it a University!"


  2. I'm a massive fan of all her work - with the exception of this year's long-awaited Christmas Special which I thought extremely disappointing, sub-French & Saunders. Did you see it?

    "What they don't know about Mikhail Baryshnikov's nobody's business..."!