Monday 24 August 2015

DVD Review: The Falling (Morley, 2014)

My review of Carol Morley's The Falling, which is on DVD this week, is up at PopMatters. Really expected to love it, but... You can read the review here


  1. I loved Morley's Dreams of a Life (2011) and have seen it twice(did you have a chance to watch it yet?)

    Can see you had a lukewarm reaction to the The Falling, "unintentionally comic effort" is not very appealing.

    1. Hi Chris: yes, DREAMS OF A LIFE is much stronger. I had high hopes for THE FALLING based on that, but found it to be very weak, irritating and unconvincing. However, I am in the minority in my view: it was highly praised here by most critics. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it when you have the chance to catch it.