Thursday 11 February 2010

"On A Sea of Fleur de Lis" by Richard Shindell

One of Shindell's most enigmatic - and, I think, most beautiful - songs. He's touring in the UK later this year, and I for one can't wait.


  1. You're a hard man to please, John. I love Shindell's work and wish he was better known, over here especially. Music-wise, as you will have noted, I'm going through one of my only-want-to-listen-to-folk-and-country phases.

  2. I'm also a big fan of Richard Shindell, who's often a genius lyricist. I've been fortunate to see him live several times, both solo and as part of Cry Cry Cry (with Lucy Kaplansky and Dar Williams). After a Cry Cry Cry concert at Harvard University in 1999, I asked Richard to autograph my copy of his promo-only live CD "Scenes from a Blue Divide." He gave me an envious look and said, "I don't even have a copy of this myself!"

    My favorite songs of his are probably "The Next Best Western," "The Ballad of Mary Magdalen," "Reunion Hill," and "Are You Happy Now?" I reviewed Vuelta when it came out and think "Cancion Sencilla" and "Gray Green" are fantastic as well.

  3. Ha!

    He's performing over here later this year, just up the road from where I live in fact, so I'm really thrilled that I'll be able to see him live. A genius lyricist, indeed.