Friday 6 July 2012

Forthcoming: Sing the Delta (Iris DeMent)

In a blog post written at the beginning of this year, I noted that, being so far behind on 2011 music releases, it was fine with me if no new music got released in 2012 - unless Iris DeMent should happen to get around to making another album. Well, lo and behold, Iris DeMent has got around to making another album - her first since her gospel record Lifeline (2004) and her first of all-new material since The Way I Should sixteen - count 'em - years ago. Though DeMent has kept up a fairly consistent touring schedule in the many years between her records, the long gap between releases has pretty much turned her into the Kate Bush of country.  I’m indescribably excited to hear new music from an artist I firmly believe to be one of the best singer-songwriters in America, and whose first two albums are among the finest records of the 90s.The new album is called Sing the Delta and gets its release on October 2nd. The very beautiful title track, which can be listened to here, bodes well.  

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