Thursday 13 November 2014

Top 50 Tori Amos Songs

The great @torisongs has held a vote for the Top 50 Amos tracks. Full results released soon. This is what my ballot paper looked like, complete with a favourite lyrical nugget from each song.

1.       “Winter”     “The ice is getting thin.”

2.       “Precious Things”      “Little fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl.”

3.       “Liquid Diamonds”    “Calling for my soul at the corners of the world.”

4.       “Sugar”                “Cold War with little boys.”  

5.       “Silent All These Years”       “Your eyes focus on my funny lip shape.”

6.       “Pretty Good Year”    “The eternal footman bought himself a bike to race.”

7.       “Cooling”          “Fire thought She’d really rather be Water instead.”

8.       “Purple People (Christmas in Space)”   “Just when you escape, you have yourself to fear.”

9.       “Taxi Ride”       “Even a glamorous bitch can be in need.”

10.    “Yes, Anastasia”     “If you know me so well then tell me which hand I use.”

11.    “Zero Point”       “I got a way to the Maya oh yeah.”

12.    “Forest of Glass”  “A doubt awakes, a voice dares to ask.”

13.    “Hey Jupiter”             “Your apocalypse was fab.” 

14.    “Honey”    “Cowboys know cowgirls ride on the Indians’ side.”

15.    “Me and a Gun”       “I haven’t seen Barbados so I must get out of this.”

16.    “Code Red”         “Sometimes I love myself best alone.”

17.    “Crucify “           “Figures that my courage should choose to sell out now.”

18.    “Jackie’s Strength”     “My bridesmaid’s getting laid.”

19.    “Scarlet’s Walk”       “What do you plan to do with all your stories?”

20.    “Tear In Your Hand”   “Smashing in a cold room.” 

21.    “Caught A Lite Sneeze”    “Rent your wife and kids today.”

22.    “Dragon”      “You called it dark but now I’m not so sure.”

23.    “Leather”       “Why am I here?”

24.    “Garlands”    “Phileda’s Lesson: We’re not his possession.”

25.    “Siren”    “Coquette call in for an ambulance.”

26.    “A Sorta Fairytale”  “Feel better with Oliver Stone.”

27.    “Glory of the 80s”    “My husband ran off with my shaman but they love me as I am.”

28.    “Upside Down”       “You always find my faults faster than you find your own.”

29.    “Welcome to England”   “Let the liquid take off what you’re on.”

30.    “Fearlessness” “Did we begin without knowing it/To find fault in every gift?”

31.    “Professional Widow”   “Brown may be sweeter.”

32.    “Twinkle”    “She worked at an Abbey in Iona and...”

33.    “Datura”  “Is there room in my heart for you to follow your heart?”

34.    “iieee”    “Need a lip gloss boost in your America.”

35.    “Northern Lad”  “You change like sugar cane.”

36.    “Etienne” “As the gypsy crystal slowly dies.”

37.    “Job’s Coffin”   “To see what you’re gonna do.”

38.    “In The Springtime of His Voodoo”   “Right there, for a minute, I knew you so well.”

39.    “Body and Soul”     “Boy, I think you need a conversion.”

40.    “Oysters”      “Found a little patch of heaven now.”  

41.    “Little Amsterdam”     “Her best friend is a sun dress.”
42.    “Girl Disappearing”    “I'm boycotting trends, it's my new look this season.” (Duh!)

43.    “Shattering Sea”      “Every curve of every brutal word.”

44.    “Barons of Suburbia”      “Piecing a potion to combat your poison.”

45.    “Gold Dust”         “You can see in the dark, through the Eyes of Laura Mars.”

46.     “Programmable Soda”    “Then I just back off the vanilla.”

47.    “Blood Roses”        “God knows I know I’ve thrown away those graces.”

48.    “Beauty of Speed”   “I must break through the bleak of winter, through your latest barrier.”

49.    “The Wrong Band”  “She says it’s time I open my eyes.”

50.    “Velvet Revolution”  “Feeling radical in cotton.” 




  1. Cool list! I love Winter and Silent All These Years, and now I have a bunch of other tracks to explore. Oh, and finally I know the reason for your blog name :)

  2. Hehe, all has been revealed. :) Let me know your favourites. It was hard to "narrow it down" to 50, to be honest. ;) I left out loads of songs I love.

  3. We overlap quite a bit on some favourites: "Tear in Your Hand," "Taxi Ride," "Pretty Good Year," "Winter," "Precious Things," "Silent All These Years," "Caught a Lite Sneeze" (as well as some of my second-tier numbers like "A Sorta Fairytale" and "Etienne"). As you'll recall, Tori's show here in Boston back in August gave me a new appreciation for "Baker Baker," and I adore "Invisible Boy" from her latest album. Great selections overall!

    1. Thanks, Jason. I figured we’d overlap on some of the early stuff, in particular, and yes, of course I remember how you connected to “Baker Baker” at the Boston show. “Invisible Boy” almost made my list, as did a couple more of the early B-Sides. So much to choose from!