Friday 20 December 2019

Review of 2019: Music - 12 Favourite Albums

"I took a trip, it set me free," lilts Madonna on "Medillin" the delicious duet with Maluma which opens her 14th album Madame X. The record itself offers listeners just such a liberating journey. 2015's Rebel Heart already indicated that Madonna had become interested in making music beyond forgettable floor-fillers again, but relocation to Lisbon fired up the artist in unexpected ways, inspiring an album that's equal parts introspective and expansive, looking out, wonderfully, to the world beyond the States. Combining touches of morna, fado and reggaeton with off-kilter experimenta and the pop bliss of Madonna at her best, Madame X was for me the year's most powerful (and surprising) release. 


  1. Nice to see we have some overlaps on our lists! I skipped Madonna’s as I’m not a huge fan of autotune though now I might give it a shot after reading your praise.

    1. Thanks! Curious to hear your thoughts! The album has definitely been divisive, and got alot of criticism from people who don't appreciate her more experimemtal side. I think it's her most exciting record in ages. Agreed that the use of autotune is excessive, but at times ("God Control") it's really expressive, and her vocals are surprisingly powerful and daring on many tracks. There's a lot to explore.