Monday 19 April 2010

Belatedly... 8 Desert Island DVDs

A bit belated this, but here goes. 8 DVDs for a Desert Island.

1. Nashville (dir. Robert Altman)

Everything you need to know about the USA in one movie.

2. All About Eve (dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)

"What a story! Everything but the bloodhounds snappin' at her rear end."

3. Never Give A Sucker An Even Break (dir. Edward F. Cline)

"Godfrey Daniel!"

4. The Portrait of A Lady (dir. Jane Campion)

Much derided, but, for me, the best Henry James adaptation there has been, or is ever likely to be.

5. Wonderland (dir. Michael Winterbottom)

To help cure homesickness for London.

6. The Lady Vanishes (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

Because it's perfect.

7. North By Northwest (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

Because this could really be a list of eight Hitchcock films.

8. Cast Away (dir. Robert Zemeckis)

Not a great favourite, but survival tips, and Tom Hanks's reassuring presence, could only help the situation.

But ... ask me tomorrow, and you'd probably get a different list.


  1. hummm castaway.....what a pile of sh*te!


    1. Central Station (sob feast)
    2. Poseidon Adventure (disaster feast)
    3. Amelie (Audrey Feast)
    4. All about Eve (wisecrack feast)
    5. Went the day well (Brit feast)
    6. My Best Friend's wedding (smile feast)
    7. The station Agent (midget feast)
    8. Rear Window (Ritter feast)


  2. CAST AWAY ... We are on a Desert Island! Get with the programme, Mr. Gray!

    Midget feast... interesting category! I second CENTRAL STATION, WENT THE DAY WELL and REAR WINDOW, but not AMELIE or MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING.

    What do you like about these atrocities?!

  3. Haha! Is that a good thing? Seriously, this is one difficult task!:)

  4. It is a good thing. It was difficult but fun, nevertheless. I just hadn't heard of these titles, but I'm always open to seeing new movies! I've got quite a good list going on now.

  5. Totally concur that Amelie is an atrocity!
    My list:
    Casablanca - quite simply the best film ever made!

    It's a Wonderful Life - James Stewart at his wonderful best

    All About Eve - what can we say about Bette? But I could also choose Jezebel (has the added bonus of a stunning looking young Henry Fonda)

    Harvey - who can't love Josephine Hull as Elwood's long-suffering sister Vita Louise?!
    "Oh doctor! I sometimes see him too!"

    A New Leaf - one of the most hilarious films ever made - sadly hardly known but script by the comic genius Elaine May and fantastic performance from her and Walter Matthau. Watch out for the droll butler Harold.

    The Ladykillers - visions of a London long vanished - but strikes a chord with me. Fantastic.

    This is Spinal Tap - Stone 'Enge.

    The Awful Truth - Cary Grant, Irene Dunne and the cutest dog ever committed to celluloid.

    Like you Alex - subject to some amendments - probably on a daily basis!

  6. Good list, Vanessa! Only recently saw THE AWFUL TRUTH - great fun. And yes, great dog.