Tuesday 6 April 2010

Corin Redgrave (1939-2010)

I saw Corin Redgrave on stage on just three occasions - as the errant husband in Joanna Murray-Smith's Honour (2003), as Lear (2004), and, last year, as Wilde in De Profundis - and was impressed every time by the skill and command, the pathos and sly humour, with which he invested these roles. And also by that little something extra - call it star quality - that all these Redgraves and Richardsons seem to possess.


  1. I never saw Corin on stage but I agree that he was a fine screen actor. He held his own as Roper in 'A Man For All Seasons' even aside the peerless Schofield. Let's be kind to his memory and pass over 'Four Weddings & A Funeral!'

  2. Ha, yes indeed. Also liked his Sir Walter Elliot in the 1995 PERSUASION. "You want to marry Anne? Whatever for?"

  3. Yes, agreed. He even had the affected aristocratic slight speech impediment off to a tee!
    Fantastic supporting cast in that production too - I love Sophie Thompson's Mary: 'Anne, I am SO ill!'