Saturday 26 June 2010

"Crop Comes In" by Chatham County Line

My favourite track from Chatham County Line's excellent new album Wildwood, due out in a couple of weeks.


  1. John, your comments on music are always so incisive! Gina G - really!

  2. I love guys with beards, but I always still want to see what's behind their beards at the same time!

  3. very few actors suit beards...

    peter scarsgaard,
    John Krainski
    are perhaps 2

  4. Chatham County Line sounded brilliant in concert at Club Passim tonight, Alex! Their instrumentation and harmonies were incredibly tight, and their retro "time machine" homage to old-school bluegrass quartets felt entirely genuine at every moment, reminding me of the kind of authenticity achieved by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

    I enjoyed all of the songs that they played from their new album, Wildwood. The one titled "Alone in New York" was especially wonderful, and I think the lyrics would work just as well if they were transplanted to Boston or London. Anyhow, thanks for recommending the band to me via your above blog post, and definitely plan to go see them when they perform in London later this year. I think you'll love hearing them play live!

  5. So glad that you enjoyed CCL! Just turned in my (ecstatic) review of WILDWOOD to PopMatters, in which I also mention the Welch/Rawlings connections. I absolutely love "Alone in New York"; it's my favourite track after "Crop Comes In". But the whole album is great; their best yet, I'd say.