Monday 27 September 2010

"There's A Whole Lot of Heaven" by Iris DeMent

My favourite thing that anyone's ever said about Iris DeMent's singing is a comment by a reviewer from Folk Roots magazine, who noted that "her voice cuts like a knife, takes you apart, and then kisses it better." A new DeMent song is pretty much like gold dust these days, but "There's A Whole Lot of Heaven" (featured here in a performance from Series Three of the great Transatlantic Sessions) is a beauty. I wish these guys would come and play in my living room someday.   


  1. Have you heard Iris sing Tom T Hall's ' I Miss A Lot Of Trains ' ?

  2. Yes; love it! Fingers crossed for a new album soon!

  3. We saw another fine one at a local pub the other night , a charming gig where the excellent Rachel Harrington was accompanied by Rod Clements. Rachel has written a classic gospel song on her latest album which is begging for a cover by either I Dement or E Harris !

    And by the way, there's a whole load of the celestial in my music-brother Doug's astounding and possibly peerless broadcasts. He's an Iris nut you'll be pleased to know !

    Were you aware that Heaven's Radio was available both live and on archive, right here on earth ?

  4. That Rachel Harrington song was written ( during!) after a visit to her grandfather in his old-folks home where he leaned over to Rachel and with a smile told her he felt in his bones that they'd started building his mansion in heaven ...

    See, hear :

    Oh boy ...

  5. Thanks for the links! I'll be sure to check 'em out.