Sunday 12 September 2010

Venice Film Festival...And The Winners Are...

Wins for Sofia Coppola (Somewhere), Vincent Gallo (in Skolimowski's Essential Killing), Alex de la Iglesia (A Sad Trumpet Ballad) and Richard J. Lewis's Barney’s Version amongst others at the Venice Film Festival.


  1. That's fantastic. Love her films! I'm glad to hear it won. I doesn't come out in the UK until March, which seems unfair when it's out in December in the States. I only complain about it now that I'll be on the having to wait end of the film release dates now! It look fabulous.

  2. Yep, I'm really looking forward to this one too! (Did you like MARIE ANTOINETTE, btw?)

    So, you'll be on "UK time" for movies very soon! Hope everything's going well with the move! Exciting times!

  3. I've yet to see that one, actually. I was afraid to see it because of Kirsten Dunst. I don't take her very seriously. But perhaps that is my mistake. Is it worth seeing?
    I will be. Starting this Thursday, actually. I'm both excited and nervous, but more excited that I'm setting out on a path that is all my own. Thank you, I hope the move goes well, too. My whole life now fits into an Adidas gym bag, a suitcase, laptop bag and a small carry-on. The rest is up to me. :)
    Are things going well for you? Any new music out that you've enjoyed?

  4. I'm fond of MARIE ANTOINETTE and enjoyed Kirsten Dunst's performance in it. Most of all, though, I admired the film for doing something a little different with the historical drama/heritage film/biopic.

    Things are OK with me; I'm currently preparing teaching. Where exactly *did* the summer go? :)

    Good luck with everything! And check FB for a couple of songs I hope you'll enjoy.

  5. I was iffy about of this at first, but now I'm really interested in seeing what this film can actually do!