Wednesday 20 July 2011

Last 10 Things Seen in the Theatre Meme #2

List the last 10 things you saw at the theatre in order:

1. War Horse (New London)
2. Eden End (Richmond Theatre)
3. Government Inspector (Young Vic)
4. The Comedy of Errors (Propeller/Hampstead)
5. Directors Showcase (Orange Tree)
6. Richard III (Propeller/Hampstead)
7. The Village Bike (Royal Court)
8. Richard III (Old Vic)
9. Doctor Faustus (Globe)
10. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Haymarket)

Who was the best performer in number one (War Horse)?
Joey the Horse of course.

Why did you go to see number two (Eden End)?
Reviewing assignment.

Can you remember a line/lyric from number three (Government Inspector) that you liked?
"You’re laughing at yourselves!”

What would you give number four (The Comedy of Errors) out of ten?
Ten, without a doubt.

Was there someone hot in number five (Directors Showcase)?
Soft spot for a few cast members, but "hot"? Perhaps not.

What was number six (Richard III) about?
A man who would be King.

Who was your favourite actor in number seven (The Village Bike)?
Alexandra Gilbreath, as Jenny, gives a beautifully observed performance that makes you think: “Well, I know this woman.”

What was your favourite bit in number eight (Richard III [Old Vic])?
The Anne/Richard encounter and all of Gemma Jones's scenes.

Would you see number nine (Doctor Faustus) again?
No. Not even to see the Seven Deadly Sins sequence that I missed due to fainting shortly before the interval.

What was the worst thing about number ten (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead)?
Not a production that I engaged with at all, really, but I thought the pirate scene was especially badly staged.

Which was best?
Richard III (Propeller), The Comedy of Errors and Eden End.

Which was worst?
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

Did any make you cry?
War Horse, inevitably, and Eden End.

Did any make you laugh?
Eden End, Government Inspector, The Comedy of Errors, Richard III (Propeller), The Village Bike, Richard III (Old Vic).

Which roles would you like to play in any of them?
Oh, Richard III, why not? But I'm available for Propeller productions only.

Which one did you have best seats for?
Front row for Richard III (Propeller), The Comedy of Errors, The Village Bike and Ros & Guil.

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  1. So glad that you finally saw and loved War Horse, as I had a feeling you would. I was lucky to be in a front-row seat for that one, all the better to witness the genius puppetry up close. Beautiful, mesmerizing, and enchanting...I certainly shed some tears as well.