Wednesday 20 July 2011

A Little Light Linkage (III)

Some favourite recent dispatches from the Blogosphere:

Beautiful and insightful pieces on the Provincetown Film Festival and Rosanne Cash’s The Wheel from the great Mr. Popsublime.

Mike’s review of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris at You Talking To Me? makes me want to see the movie now. (So can we get a UK release date sometime soon, please...?)

Michał O gets Melancholic over von Trier’s latest provocation at Last Seat on the Right.

moviesandsongs365 lists his Top 100 Songs of 2010. How many of these have you heard?

thecynicalgamer climbs The Tree of Life and explains why he wasn’t quite as sold on Bridesmaids as everyone else seems to be.

John Gray weighs in on the awesome Meek’s Cutoff at last.


  1. Thank you for the thoughtful blog-nod my way, Alex. Very much appreciated! :)

  2. Thanks for linking! Some of the tunes are slightly obscure, I guess that's a good thing ( :

  3. My pleasure, chaps. Keep up the good work an’ all.

    @moviesandsongs365 Yes indeed. It’s a great list. Still working my way through and will post some comments soon.