Tuesday 17 August 2010

The Mammoth Movie Meme: Day 19

Day 19 - Best movie cast

John Sayles’s Sunshine State (2002). Like Robert Altman (whose Nashville [1975], A Wedding [1977], Cookie’s Fortune [1999] or Gosford Park [2001] were serious contenders for this category) Sayles’s egalitarian approach to story-telling means that a large cast really gets used in his movies. One of Sayles’s friendliest, loosest and most immediately likeable works, Sunshine State takes place in a Florida beach community under threat from developers, and performers both young and old, established Sayles collaborators and new faces (Timothy Hutton, Edie Falco, Ralph Waite, Angela Bassett, Mary Steenburgen, Mary Alice, Gordon Clapp, Jane Alexander, Bill Cobbs, James McDaniel) all get moments to shine. I’m always happy to spend time with these wonderful characters, each drawn and played with sympathy and depth.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY love jane alexander.....first saw her in PLAYING FOR TIME on tv!!! moved me to tears

  2. I've only seen her in a couple of other films, but Sayles certainly wrote her a great little part here and she gives a brilliant performance.